Invoice Factoring for Trucking Companies

Owner-Operator factoring can be an effective tool to get immediate cash flow for your single truck or large fleet, Caprock Funding is one of the most cost effective when it comes to truck factoring companies.  You might need additional capital because you are expanding and need to pay your drivers.  Perhaps your sales are inconsistent or vary; in that case factoring can smooth your cash flow.

Trcuking Factoring Services - 1% Factoring Rates Trucking

  • Rapid Growth companies
  • Start-Up or early-growth business
  • Companies that have experienced recent losses or negative equity
  • Businesses that are under-capitalized
  • Businesses that are capped with their bank or lender
  • Companies that are paying too much with their current factor
  • Companies with IRS 941 or state tax liens
  • Companies that are looking for 7-day-a-week access to management and 24-hour online reporting
  • Turnaround situations
  • Companies who are looking to add new business or drivers


How Caprock helps Trucking and Transportation Companies

  • Buy machinery and equipment
  • Your drivers are paid on time every week
  • Pay your vendors on time
  • Take advantage of trade discounts
  • Fund your growth
  • Get free credit analysis on current and future customers
  • Get a line of credit for your high concentration customer
  • Pay off tax liens
  • Have your accounts receivable management and collections outsourced to Caprock Funding

Invoice Factoring for Trucking Companies - Invoice Factoring for Trucking Companies - Caprock Funding LLC

We understand that cash flow is crucial to your business and you must pay your drivers on time.  We know that you need to have access to a line of credit in case you get new load opportunities with existing customers or you finally win that big contract.  When the banks say no or don't give you enough we will say yes.  How?  We fund trucking companies based not on whether you are making or losing money but rather your customers' financial strength.

Transportation factoring, in a nutshell, is when you assign your invoices, or unpaid, delivered loads, to a third party lender.  In return you will receive up to 90% of that unpaid invoice.  Once the bill pays you receive the the remaining amount minus the agreed upon fee.  You pick and choose which invoices you want to fund.

We wire or ACH money to your account within 24-hours, and oftentimes within an hour of receiving your funding request.  At Caprock Funding we work hard to provide you the best rate possible so you not only get instant cash flow but you continue to book profits throughout the entire factoring experience.