Midland Government Accounts Receivable Factoring

With Midland government factoring, you ensure that a lucrative government contract doesn't actually end up handicapping your company. You know how valuable these contracts can be, but they can also pose something of a problem since the government may not give you an advanced payment for the order. Instead, you'll be paid upon completion. For example, without our Midland government accounts receivable factoring program, that could look like this:

  • The government contacts you and awards you a $500,000 contract.
  • You have to pay $200,000 to fill the contract.
  • Since you're a small business, that eats up all of the cash you have on hand.
  • You then provide the product to the government, which will pay. However, the government is notoriously slow, so payment could take two months or more.
  • As a result, your company is stuck. You don't have money on hand and you can't buy products or materials, fill more orders from other sources, or leverage your success into overall growth.

As you can see, this could be quite an issue going forward. With Midland government factoring, though, you can sell those invoices and get the money far faster. This allows you to fill the order and keep growing as needed no matter how long it takes to get paid. Your company sees more success and could get more government contracts in the future.

We Make Midland Government Accounts Receivable Factoring Easy

We have been working in this space for years, and we make government factoring in Odessa TX as easy as possible. It's quick, simple, and it comes with all of the advice and assistance you need. We are honest and transparent about our practices, offering daily reports and giving you access to us seven days a week. We're here for all of the clients who use government accounts receivable factoring in Odessa TX, giving them a painless way to create capital and continue to grow

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