Invoice Factoring Service El Paso TX

El Paso Invoice Factoring Service - Invoice Factoring Service El Paso - 1% Factoring Rate Invoice Factoring Service El Paso - www.Caprockllc.comEl Paso represents the 13th fastest growing city in America according to the 2010 Unites States census. As an El Paso resident this wouldn’t come as news, especially with the housing market, construction and Fort Bliss on the move. Caprock Funding can help finance your growth in El Paso, Santa Teresa, Fort Bliss and the surrounding El Paso area. We factor service companies, manufacturers, trucking companies, maquiladora operations, government contractors and subcontractors, and more in the El Paso region.

El Paso is steeped in tradition with companies like ASARCO, Tony Lama, L & J Café, Charcoaler Drive-In and Fort Bliss. The legend of Don Haskins and Texas Western producing the first all black starting line-up to win the NCAA national basketball championship showed the world El Paso’s progressive and inclusive resolve.

At Caprock Funding we believe the greatness of El Paso will continue and we want to help by financing your business growth.

Caprock's Invoice Factoring Service El Paso provides the following services for companies in El Paso, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Midland and all cities throughout West Texas and New Mexico.

  • Invoice factoring
  • Business financing
  • Payroll funding

Invoice Factoring Service El Paso TX

Accounts Receivable

Businesses that sell on credit terms have a hidden asset that most owners do not realize can be used for collateral. Caprock Funding specializes in collateralizing and financing accounts receivable. The receivables are pledged as collateral and the business may draw cash against the eligible accounts receivable at any time. Accounts receivable financing, also known as factoring is not a loan, so there is no need to make payments or create debt for your business.


Business Qualifications for Receivable Financing & Factoring

Our financing programs can accommodate companies with seasonal or uneven sales patterns or start-up operations with no financial base to rely upon. Any business can qualify for receivable financing if it generates sales on open credit terms to customers with financial credit strength. Most of our clients are trying to find a solution to finance their growth or whose past earnings will not justify a traditional loan or credit line increase.


What Industries Qualify for Receivable Finance?

Every industry is evaluated differently because no industry invoices the same method. Not all factoring companies accept every industry. As a rule of thumb, your business must sell to a good credit worthy account debtor (customer), a receivable or invoice that can be verified or has an acceptance (signed off) by the account debtor. Receivable financing is available to all industries that provide services, or deliver products to commercial accounts. The sale must be "final sale" with no contingencies or disputes. The service or product must be completely delivered in order for an invoice (receivable) to be eligible for funding. | Factoring Service Application