Industries Served by Caprock Funding - Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, also called accounts payable factoring - we help many types of customers get cash flow from invoices which are outstanding and sent to the client by giving your business funds (cash) to pay for more materials or payroll or advertising, etc.  When you do business with your clients, typically you send them your invoice and get paid, net 30 or net 60 days in the future.   Payroll typically comes every 2 weeks, so if your sales team continues to land more clients, will simply make your cash flow more challenging and slow down your growth.   Now imagine if you had 80% of your outstanding invoices factored with us to get your the cash you need today to meet your business commitments.   Factoring is basically loaning you money for services you have rendered to your clients and as the invoice is paid by your clients, the factoring charges also stop.   This gives you significant flexibility to get your business growing at your terms vs. waiting for your cash flow to improve before expanding.   Call us to discuss your specific factoring needs and we can help you with your invoice factoring questions.


  • Oil Field Services
  • Staffing
  • Fabrication and Welding
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Technology
  • Transportation (owner operated)
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Early Stage and Start Ups
  • Small Businesses
  • Government contractors
  • Consulting Services
  • Telecommunications Services

People ask who do you fund?  We finance almost all business to business platforms.  Caprock Funding directly funds factoring lines to you from $20,000 to $2,500,000.  If you need a bigger line of credit we can help directly or share with you other trusted resources.  Industries serviced by Caprock Funding factoring include oil field service, temporary and permanent staffing, manufacturers, machine shops, government contractors, consulting, telecommunicationdistributors, start-up and numerous other companies.

Small Business Factoring Services

You are poised to sell to a new client or launch your business but don’t have the capital to charge forward. We don’t limit you on high customer concentrations and oftentimes fund brand new companies.

Small Business Customers we finance includes start-up, rapid growth and companies experiencing a temporary decline in sales. These companies all need cash flow help.


  • Rapid Growth businesses
  • Start-Up businesses
  • Early stage growth businesses
  • Businesses with tax liens
  • Businesses with deficit equity, operating losses or both
  • Turnaround situations
  • Undercapitalized companies or businesses that are capped with their line of credit
  • Businesses that need Purchase Order financing


How our factoring helps you

  • Get instant cash flow through our factoring line of credit
  • Get free, highly detailed credit checks on existing and future clients
  • Get up to 90% advance of your sales in your account today
  • Have Caprock Funding work with the IRS to subordinate and pay off tax liens
  • Purchase additional inventory or take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Get immediate line of credit even if you have deficit equity, negative earnings or both
  • Get advances on high concentration customers you have or would like to add
  • Get free online reporting, collections and accounts receivable management