Houston Accounts Receivable Factoring

If your business needed funds today, could it get them? Would you be able to get financed today? For many businesses, the answer is no. It’s not even because of a company’s credit score. It could be because the company simply doesn’t meet the stringent requirements the banks have in place now when it comes to lending money. There is another way, and it is through Caprock Funding, one of the top factoring companies in Houston TX.

Houston Factoring Companies

If you’re not familiar with Houston accounts receivable factors, you’re really not alone. There are some businesses, though, that learned quickly just how advantageous it can be to use factoring when it came to their need for cash flow. Houston accounts receivable factors allow you to sell your invoices to Caprock Funding. As a result, you receive an infusion of cash quickly and easily. The invoices are usually sold for between 80 percent and 90 percent of the total amount that is due to you. When Caprock Funding is paid for an invoice, the balance of the invoice amount is sent to you, minus any fees.

The Difference Is Caprock Funding

There are lenders within your industry, and then there are financial partners. We believe in accounts receivable factoring in Houston TX, which allows us to partner with you and help your company grow through factoring. Here are a few benefits that our clients really appreciate:

  • Funding within 24 hours
  • Highly competitive prices
  • No longer term contract
  • No monthly minimum
  • Seven-day a week access to management
  • Industry leading software
  • Ownership has over 25 years of factoring experience

In some cases, Houston accounts receivable factoring is not the right choice. However, at Caprock Funding, we can tell you whether you will qualify for accounts receivable factors in Houston TX within just a few minutes of talking on the phone. If you have accounts receivable, then you have a chance of qualifying.

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We want to provide you with more information about Houston accounts receivable factors. Just give us a call at 713-364-5550. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, including those about what the service costs you. Call today!