Factoring Services

Businesses sometimes need immediate working capital for a variety of reasons, such as payroll, paying suppliers, taking advantage of growth opportunities, or just a simple emergency - this is when you contact factoring services and identify a factoring company with the best terms for funding your short-term funding needs.

Businesses sell their invoices to Caprock Funding.  Our advance rates are typically 80-90% of the face amount of the invoices sold.  After the invoice is paid to our lock box, Caprock issues you the balance minus our fees.

Factoring is traditionally more expensive than bank financing but it can provide the fuel for businesses to achieve growth.  If a business cannot qualify for bank financing then factoring can offer an excellent solution.  We work with you to ensure our pricing makes sense with your profit margins.  It is important to us that you maintain profitability while you use our factoring services.

Most often factoring should be considered a short term solution that helps companies realize their growth opportunities or gain compliance for a traditional line of credit with the bank.

Our Factoring Services can help your company's cash flow problems. Caprock Funding can give you immediate access to cash. Are your slow paying customers slowing down your business growth? Have you been turned down by banks for a traditional loan? Factoring services with Caprock Funding gets you money quickly for your unpaid invoices, so you can make payroll, buy materials, or compete for larger jobs. Regardless of your financial or credit history Caprock Funding provides companies cash today for those unpaid invoices. Caprock Funding can help you realize your opportunities and make the most of your resources.

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What is Factoring Services?

Factoring is selling your invoices at a small discount. Nationally over $150 billion is factored each year. In fact for years it has been used by huge corporations and now is available to small and mid-sized businesses. Factoring services are filling a tremendous void that banks have created.

Factoring services with Caprock Funding provide flexible, hassle-free solutions to your working capital needs; one that gives you immediate access to cash. Funding approvals are fast and easy, and credit limits are determined by your customers credit, not yours.

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