Factoring Oilfield Services and Energy Companies

The country relies on oil and energy as an essential backbone to our everyday living.  Your company is growing and you would like to add more workers or a new customer or more. This is great news but your customers pay you in 60 days and you need to pay your suppliers and workers faster.

For your oilfield service company, Caprock Funding can fund your immediate payroll and keep you current with your vendors and suppliers. Factoring services is an affordable way to fund your business cash flow needs.

We can provide relief and cash flow help to these oilfield service businesses via factoring your invoices:

Oil Fields Services Houston Factoring - 1% Factoring Oil Field Services - www.Caprockllc.com

  • Transport services including parts, water and sand haulers
  • Directional Drilling Services
  • Seismic testing
  • Oil Refining
  • Companies on a fast growth track
  • Businesses that can't get enough bank financing
  • Companies that have a history of losses
  • Businesses that can't compete on a new bid or contract due to lack of capital
  • Customers that have tax liens
  • Businesses that are looking to save money from their current factor


How our factoring helps oil field service businesses

  • Ensure your staff is paid in a timely fashion
  • Get immediate advances against your receivables to pay your vendors on time
  • Win that new contract knowing you have the line of credit ready to go
  • Let Caprock Funding perform credit checks on your customers or potential new clients
  • Get immediate cash flow and advances on your high concentration customer
  • Let Caprock negotiate with the IRS and help you pay off any tax liens
  • We can serve as your back office support team with our accounts receivable management and reporting


We factor all types of oilfield service companies.  We help transportation service companies that haul oilfield rigs and parts.  We finance companies who haul water and sand for the oilfield industry.  We can help you if you re-mediate water, conduct seismic research, perform down hole wire line logging, provide directional drilling services and more.  Caprock Funding is located in and management was born and grew up in Houston, Texas.  We know the oilfield and energy sector and want to help you.  Call or email us so we can see if we are a good financing option for you.