Factoring for Staffing Companies

Caprock Funding is the factoring for staffing companies if you are building a new staffing company or already have a growing staffing firm.  You know how to sell and have built strong customer relationships.  We understand meeting payroll cash flow needs of a staffing company is a challenge.

Maybe you are close to winning that new customer or suddenly an existing customer wants you to provide even more workers. You are only limited by money. Caprock Funding can provide you an immediate factoring line of credit so you can pay your workers on time and focus on business.

Temporary and permanent placement staffing companies we finance using factoring services

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  • Start-Up companies and early stage businesses
  • Rapid Growth staffing companies
  • Businesses that need cash flow help
  • Companies that need a larger line of credit or are capped with their bank
  • Businesses that have high customer concentrations
  • Companies that are looking for 7-day-a-week access to management and 24-hour online reporting
  • Companies that have experienced losses or suffer deficit equity
  • Businesses with IRS 941 or state tax liens
  • Turnaround help


How we help factor staffing companies

  • Provide immediate cash flow and funding for your payroll
  • Pay off tax liens
  • Provide funding for high concentration customers
  • Fund high growth
  • Get factoring for businesses with losses and negative net worth
  • Obtain free credit checks and credit analysis for existing and future customers