Dallas Working Capital Business Financing

If your business is having trouble qualifying for credit, consider an alternative solution: Caprock Funding. We offer Dallas working capital financing to businesses in the area. As a Caprock Funding Dallas working capital solutions customer, you will get cash in your coffers without adding any more debts to your ledger.

Working Capital Financing in Dallas TX

Don’t let your growth be stunted by Dallas working capital financing that doesn’t come through. Caprock Funding is a quicker process that usually brings more money to the table that a traditional loan from a bank.

Finance Factoring With Us

There are often questions about how and if factoring works. Here is an outline about working with our working capital solutions in Dallas TX:

  • Start with a simple application process online or with a Caprock Funding agent.
  • Discuss current and future invoices and credit card sales.
  • Come to an agreed rate of purchase for Caprock Funding.
  • Receive a lump sum payment from Caprock Funding for future credit card sales.
  • Pay a small percentage of the credit card sales and paid invoices to Caprock as they come in until you pay back your original investment.
  • Benefit as growth happens for your company as well as ours.

With Caprock Funding business financing solutions in Dallas TX there is no need to take on the increased liability of a bank loan and dig deeper into debt. Factoring financing is a successful means of money management all over the world. Why not give it a try?

Find Your Dallas Working Capital Solutions with Caprock Funding

If you are interested in Dallas working capital financing by Caprock Funding, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and help explain how factoring could be the best Dallas business financing solutions you’ve been offered in a long time.