Dallas Accounts Receivable Funding Services

Get ready to benefit from flexible Dallas accounts receivable funding with Caprock. Through finance factoring, your company receives income immediately from your expected income. Caprock Dallas accounts receivable financing has been helping businesses expand for years. One way or another, we can help you acquire the funds necessary to keep your business growing.

What Does Dallas Accounts Receivable Funding Mean to Businesses?

Caprock accounts receivable funding in Dallas TX, or factoring, is the process of coming to an agreement with a funding company to buy your invoices or future invoices at a discounted rate. You receive the money right away and as the invoices get paid over time, the funding company takes a percentage of the income until your account is paid in full.

A few little-known facts about factoring:

  • Factoring is used worldwide to generate finance for younger companies and start-ups.
  • The origin of factoring dates all the way back to 1400.
  • It doesn’t matter if you run a one-person owned businesses or a Fortune 500 company; there is no limit regarding company size in order to qualify for Dallas funding services.

Many companies who work in B2B environments use accounts receivable financing in Dallas TX as a way to gain access to working capital. This could be exactly what you were looking for in order to hire a new employee, purchase a new piece of equipment, or start expanding operations.

Contact Caprock to Apply For Funding Services in Dallas TX

When you are ready to start moving on up in the business ranks, call Caprock Funding to apply for Dallas accounts receivable funding. We have a shorter decision making time than most banks, and Dallas accounts receivable financing doesn’t add additional debt to your list of liabilities. Find out why factoring has been a successful form of financing for decades, today!