Factoring Invoices Benefits Businesses

Factoring  rates vary with different factoring companies; however, Caprock's rates start as low as 0.05%.  Contact us for customized, competitive rate for you.  What are the benefits of factoring and is it right for me?  Here we discuss how choosing the right factoring solution can help your company.

In today's lending climate, it can be difficult to get enough credit with the banks.  Still, you have an opportunity to win a new contract or perhaps take on additional business with an existing customer.  To compound this you have workers and vendors who must be paid in a timely fashion.  Factoring is an alternative to the banks.  It grants you immediate cash flow and allows you to pay your employees and vendors on time.  Your credit rating will improve since you can manage your payables much more effectively and you can go after that new contract with the confidence that Caprock Funding will fund your new receivables immediately.

With Caprock,  you choose which invoices you want to sell.  We advance your company up to 90% of the invoice at an agreed upon rate.  Once the invoice is collected you receive the balance of the invoice not advanced, minus the fee.  With Factoring, your customers' credit is what counts, not yours.  We can help you even if you have losses or negative equity.  Take a look at some of the benefits of Factoring:

Get Immediate Cash Flow with Invoice Factoring:


  • Get funds advanced to you against your invoices
  • Have money available to pay workers
  • Have the credit ready to fund the new contract or business you just won
  • Purchase inventory or machinery and equipment
  • Pay off tax liens and stay current with 941 payroll
  • Stay current with vendors and take advantage of any trade discounts


Get Answers on Customer Credit and Back Office Support:

  • Let us run credit analysis for existing or prospective customers
  • Get answers on your customers' strength and paydex
  • Make better and more informed credit decisions with our reports and analysis
  • Reduce dilution or bad debt
  • Accounts Receivable Management


Get Advances Only on Amount of Cash You Need by Partial Factoring:

  • You tell us when and how much you need based on your existing accounts receivable
  • There are no monthly minimums
  • You are limited only by your customers' credit strength