Accounts Receivable Factoring for IT Services

Your consulting or Information Technology (IT) services company can face periodic cash flow constraints for two big reasons.  The first is that you have hit a hot streak and have added more business.  While this is good news you still want to pay yourself and your workers before your customer pays the invoices.  The second reason is that some of your customers have started to pay slower.

Winning that new client requires a lot of billable hours that may not be paid for up to 75 days; and Caprock Funding can fund those invoices immediately.  This enables you to have immediate cash flow.  You determine when Caprock funds and how much.


Receivable Financing for IT and Consulting Service Companies and How It Works

Technology Company Factoring - 1% Factoring Rates -

We provide credit decisions and can fund you in as little as 24 hours.  Information Technology Service and Consulting Companies smooth their cash flow with our factoring credit facilities.

  • Call us for a free quote or apply directly online.
  • We assess credit that is based on your customers' strength and tell you within hours how much we can lend to you.
  • We can fund you within one day of approval.
  • You can rely on us as your accounts receivable management team. We help collect receivables and provide daily remittance advice along with online reporting.


What is the Difference Between Bank Financing and Factoring?

With your IT or consulting company factoring can provide you with several advantages over conventional bank financing.  Caprock Funding will not judge your business based on earnings or balance sheet strength.  Your company is only limited by the credit strength of your customers.  We analyze credit daily and can tell you within an hour if we can help.  Obtain funding as often and as little as you like.  Our low rates help you maintain profitability while you factor with us.  Don't hesitate to phone or email us to learn more.